Re-draw healthy boundaries into the fiber of your being--no more giving too much away or blocking the good from coming in.

Unshame and re-claim the core of who you really are and what you really want--because you are innocent and good, and you deserve to know it deep, deep, deep in your bones. 

Every Secret Bad Girl needs 

an older sister guide to show her the way to Grown Goddess.

In this experiential 1-day immersive workshop, you'll receive thorough, deep guidance and support for feeling more empowered, embodied, lit up and authentically expressed.

We'll gather together with ritual and stories, potent exercises and deeply effective modalities, in a sacred space where you'll get to really claim the power and pleasure hidden within.

At  the Free Your Secret Bad Girl Workshop we will:

Your face will glow.

Your soul will know.

You'll have found your way back home.

It's safe to emerge as who you TRULY are:

deeply sensitive

wise and intuitive

emotional as f*ck

sensual, erotic, sexual, juiced up

passionate and creative with something unique to express

a Goddess, a leader & yes, POWERFUL

But maybe you don't feel that way?

Maybe the safety & confidence to emerge as the 

True You feels out of reach & out of practice.

a woman with a deep need for love, connection & intimacy

If so, you're not alone. 

Secret Bad Girls everywhere have taken on the idea that it's somehow their fault for not feeling safe or empowered in their true expression and embodiment of self. As a result, they often take on patterns of blaming or shaming themselves (or others) for who they are, what they want, and why they don't yet have it. 

But the truth is, as young girls and women, so many of us were neglected, exploited, repressed or made bad for simply BEING who we were or EXPRESSING our true needs and desires. 

This lack of being matched and met with reverence and opportunity to grow wild and free, well... it stifles, it breeds insecurity and isolation, leads to boundary violations, and shuts down our healthiest expression of soul, sexuality, sensuality and purpose. 

On the plus side, it's bringing us together now, on a liberation mission bigger than any one of us, alone. On a quest to get free, together. Shall we?

defiant, deviant, delicious, daring

Cheer each other on, support each other's emergence, howl and holler and hug, cry and laugh and love. If you've got sisterhood or belonging fears, this workshop will mend the scars.

Feast, dance, breathe, ceremonialize your discoveries... embrace the magic that happens beyond words.

This 1-day workshop is $197

and includes lunch + a signed copy of Secret Bad Girl.

Each workshop is limited to an intimate size of 12 women.

There's one 50% scholarship for a woman of color in each city.

Email me at + I'll send the code right over.

Can't wait to meet, see, hug, love you in person!


"I attended one of Rachael Maddox's ceremonies with my partner, and both of us came away from it in awe of the honesty, vulnerability, and growth we saw in ourselves and the others who participated with us. Rachael created a space that was both safe and sacred, and allowed us to explore pieces of our hearts that would otherwise go unnoticed. Her style is both bold and gentle; she challenges you to look deeper into everything around you, but is so accepting and supportive of the discoveries you find (even if they're messy or embarrassing or strange). I don't think I'll forget us standing around that fire, letting go of our heartaches, and welcoming in love from the universe and each other."

Torie Partridge

"Rachael Maddox's presence holds space for soulful experience like no other human I have ever met. Through coaching sessions, ritual ceremony and card readings, I have been so fortunate to experience the blessings that Rachael's work brings to life. Her coaching helped me to become more deeply embodied and authentic in my work as a teacher. One of her group rituals actually helped facilitate the arrival of my current partner in my life, after several years of seeking. I am incredibly grateful for Rachael's enriching presence in my life. I cannot recommend her work enough."

R. C.

"Simply put, working with Rachael has been magical and life changing. Before working together, I was struggling with issues in my relationship. I felt like I was broken and that the anxiety, insecurity, and hopelessness I had about being in a healthy relationship would never go away. I had been in traumatic relationships before, and didn’t even realize that those traumas were being carried with me still. Rachael helped me see that with gentleness, forgiveness, and most importantly – empowerment. Since working with her, I’ve felt more at ease, comfort, and love with myself and who I am. The anxiety has waned. The insecurity is fading. I’m not afraid that I’m broken anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m approaching the world in a stronger mentality than I could have ever imagined."

A. N.

Want a warm-up for the Workshop?

Me too!

Join me for a Secret Bad Girl Book Party!

We'll gather together in a friend-you-don't-know-yet's living room.

I'll read a few of my favorite excerpts from Secret Bad Girl.

I'll give you a mini lesson on the physiology of trauma, and how to break its spell. 

I'll play you some heartfelt original songs... because music makes everything better.


We’ll hug in the flesh like the good old days... because HUGS. Are. Critical.

It'll be sweet & powerful soul salve.


(And I got myself a body mic so my voice can go the distance with zero force. #praisebuddha)


All genders/sexes invited.


(But Bring Your Own Snacks + Drinks for Funsies!)

And books will be on sale for $15.






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